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Workcamp 2013

This year our efforts were concentrated on the finishing of the Kibela house. We accomplished many small but highly important tasks. We built a stone platform for the north entrance of the house and laid four granite stairs. The result was a very comfortable and beautiful entrance to the extension of the house. We sieved a few cubic meters of earth and prepared the mortar to finish the interior of the extension. The earth plasters were then covered with a thin layer of white lime plaster. We then plastered the façade with the same white lime mortar to prevent it from rain damage.

A great step ahead was the installation of two photovoltaic panels on the terrain above the house, to power our 220V installation. Inside the house we finished the floor with our favorite OSMO natural varnish and started building an interior wooden partition wall, to be finished soon.

We worked in a small but super efficient team. Thank you Claire, Sophie, Ivan, Shtiliana and Misho. We had some unforgettable moments around the fire and at the river side.