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Workcamp 2014

This summer our working season started in July with two earth building seminars. To our biggest joy the interest in Bulgaria for the topic is growing.

In August we welcomed about 15 volunteers from all over Europe. We worked on the finishing of the kitchen furniture and the bathroom in Kibela (our new house) and on a wooden gate for the entrance of the property. The yearly village festival was a highlight as usual and a small team visited the Perperikon archeological site.

The last week of August Varvara worked with a stone mason to renovate the stone wall of the summer kitchen and a few weeks later we installed a beautiful stone sink. Next summer we plan to start the transformation of the barn into a workshop place.

Thank you Theresa, Jim, Dima, Mihaela, Pierre, Arthur, Atanas, Ivan, Ivan, Ivan, Hristo, Marlene, Gina, Iskren, Katia, ....