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Workcamp 2006

Summer 2006: Three weeks, Twentysomething volunteers mainly from France, but also Germany, USA, Bosnia and Bulgaria.

We had an adobe brick making competition (record 101 per day), tranported a 400kg fireplace insert by hand and demolished stone walls to open up new windows.  Woodwork couldn't be missed either: re-building the balcony and closing off the interior corridor with an insulated wood ceiling. We also had experts for repairing the stone roof. Finally, we did lots of earth plastering and pointing of the ground floor stone walls.

Thank you Thomas le Gros, Thomas le Maigre, Anatol, Xavier, Michael, Emilie, Vanessa, Amelie, Tobias, Maelle, Emil, Ivan, Vlado, Vasil, Violina, Cannon, Akisi, Jan, Daka, Michaela, Dessi, George, Marie, Cecile, Dantcho, Kostadin, Bai Vlado!

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