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Workcamp 2007

This year we worked in a small but very efficient team: one Dutch intern, one French architecture student and one Bulgarian returnee from last year. Thank you very much Eric, Chistophe and Ivan!

We finished building the walls for the bathroom, put new windows at the ground floor, installed the electric wiring in the whole house and connected our fireplaces to the chimneys. In preparation we purchased a truckload of stone plates for flooring and carried it to the house in a wild menagerie of different ways.

As in previous years, we had the essential help from our maistor Dantcho and his assistant Kotzeto, the local mason bai Manika (The little one) and the occasional advises of bai Vlado. For one weekend we also had help from our friend Milko and his nephew Moni. We should not forget to mention the surprise visit of 10 Czech backpackers who stayed for a couple of nights!

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