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Workcamp 2010

After three months of solo work by Varvara with her team of local craftsmen (Kotze, Rusko, Moustafa, Niesi, Safet, Kamil, Bai Mitio), we were joined in August by a great mix of different people from France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Philippines and Brazil.

This year we started out by using heavy machinery to landscape the terrain around Kibela. Then we de-constructed this second house down to it's stone walls, after the northern wall had completely collapsed during the renovation on the foundations. We re-built the northern wall and the whole wooden frame. At the ground floor we started the plastering of the stone walls inside and out. After insulating the uppermost ceiling with earth and straw, we built a new roof and protected it with an impermeable cover for the winter.

At Sabazzi we renewed the water drainage system of the northern wall and pointed the outside stone walls.

Thank you team Raho 2010: Jutta, Lilia, Iva, Pol-Alain, Jonas, Roberto, Nadia, Alain, Ligia, Julian, Diana, Sava, Karine, Florent, Roswitha, Almuth, Sammy!

Special thanks to Baba Nelli and Diado Vlado, having taken care of Max and Mila during the whole summer.

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