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Workcamp 2012

Our building activities this year started in May with the interior plastering of the house. The plasters were prepared with lime putty and marble powder and were applied on a few millimeters thickness. We covered the ground floor with a natural white limestone, the bathroom with onyx stone tiles and started the building of tenement stone walls around the house. A small volume, intended to be the entry hall was added to the main volume of the house. This extension has a wooden structure, a straw-earth infill and was finally covered with galvanized iron sheets.
At the end of July our working team was strengthened by the arrival of more than 20 motivated young volunteers from around Europe. The work done during the 3 weeks of work-camp was titanic! One team worked on the establishment of a path starting behind the house and circulating trough the forest garden. A second team worked on the straw-earth infill of the extension and on numerous finishing tasks. For the last round, the efforts were joined to dig the foundation of the tenement wall behind the house. We also had a small group working on the joinery of the small St Peter's chapel next to our property. On week-ends we made nice walking trips to the next village - Hvoina and some of us went even further away and visited the ancient fortress of Perperikon in the Eastern Rhodopes. The 15th of August we happily joined the Kosovo's festival were we drunk, ate and danced on Bulgarian rhythm.
Many thanks to all the participants and especially to the German "Bauorden" that supported us in this initiative. 
See you next year or for a future occasion!