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Workcamp 2009

This summer we had yet another wonderful team of volunteers, this time from France, Serbia, Bulgaria and guess what, Brazil!!

We put a lot of finishing touches to the interior of the house, like fine earth plasters, earth paints and lime washes, sanding the new wooden floor and treating it with oil or pointing all the stone walls on the ground floor. Also our barn received a new wooden floor and a bigger ground floor window. Varvara gave a lecture on earth building at this year's Beglika Ecofest and we all had lots of fun at the annual village celebration.

Thank you all so much for making this a unique experience: Pierre, Lindlay, Camille, Lea, Nikola, Dragana, Alain, Nina, Emilie, Valio, Boian, Ivan 1, Ivan 2, Kotze, Bai Ilia (l'ours), Bai Mitio, Stefan (la tronço)!

Click left for some pictures...