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growing food

Back to the future: Growing food will be local and carefully designed. We believe that the art and science of establishing and maintaining sustainable, food-producing ecosystems of flora and fauna is a key skill for the future.  Working with nature to take out the drudgery from gardening, eliminating the need for synthetic inputs and encouraging biodiversity is a slow technology that is at the core of our campus.

Seminar topics

Forest Garden and Permaculture (in April & November)
Teacher: Mihail Kossev
This course will familiarize you with the most important Permaculture and forest garden principles. You will participate to the installation of the second phase of our forest garden – bush and shrub planting. You will receive detailed explanations on plant propagation and reproduction, soil composition and the water cycle. An excursion to a biodynamic farm in the nearby village Bachkovo and the city of Plovdiv will be the opportunity to discover Bulgarian rich cuisine and culture.

Beekeeping (from June to October)
Teacher: Varvara Valtchanova
This course will present you the constitution and organization of the bee society, their lifecycle and work habits, the bee products and the essential activities related to the maintenance and exploitation of a colony. It will eventually be the occasion for a honey extraction and degustation. The visit of a nearby professional beekeeper and the presentation of his practice will be part of the menu.

Collection and identification of medicinal herbs (in June & July)
Teacher: Mihaela Miteva
The Rhodopi Mountains are particularly rich in wild medicinal herbs due to their Mediterranean climate and undisrupted - virgin forests. This course will introduce you to a large variety of local herbs. You will learn their names, medicinal, culinary and therapeutic use. You will be familiarized with the practice of herb gathering, drying, conservation and use. You will be able to constitute your own selection to carry home.

Links to past events:

Forest Garden & Permaculture introduction 2012